Thursday, October 30, 2003

Manny A Go Go?

A few quick thoughts on Manny as I try to get my head around the new Celtics:
  • Uh, Theo? Theo?
    • Seems a little strange to waive a guy who just won his second consecutive Silver Slugger award and is a certain Hall of Famer, right? Well yeah, it kind of does. Epstein will get a lot of great pub for being bold and creative, and to an extent that is justified. Manny's contract is one Rich Garces of a burden, and if they had to drop one player from the Nomar/Manny/Pedro traveling band, it would likely be Ramirez. His defense is average, his baserunning is lousy, and his mental make-up is inadequate. And by inadequate, I mean a monumental disaster. All of these things are completely true - but come on. This guy is a captial H Hitter. This year alone Ramirez was 1st in OBP, 2nd in OPS, 2nd in Batting Avg., 4th in Slugging Percentage, and 5th in Runs. You think Ortiz has his year without Manny in front of him? No way. Sox fans look at the 104 RBI and want more, but let's not get greedy. Ramirez is the arguably best righthanded hitter in baseball. That's a lot to give away. I think Theo is mostly trying to state trade intentions loud and clear, but this is very risky.

  • Will anyone actually take him?
    • Probably not. The teams with legitimate interest will be the Orioles and, of course, the Yankees. The Orioles have a bundle of Albert-Belle-Ouch-My-Hip Money to spend, but they would prefer Vlad Guerrero, so they'll likely wait it out. If Vlad goes elsewhere, Baltimore could have serious trade interest. Anaheim is in a similar position, as they've got a date with Miguel Tejada. The most viable option then, as always, is the Yankees. Manny wants to play in NY and they need a rightfielder. Ramirez is certainly Steinbrenner's kind of player and I'm sure they are discussing his availability at present. I think though, probably, they'll resist. This whole waiver placement feels like a dare directly from Theo to George: Go ahead Tubby, make my day. Epstein knows the Yankees are the only team really in this, and it doesn't seem to bother one bit. That has to be disconcerting. Steinbrenner would love to play grabsies, but he realizes that's just what the Red Sox want. So for now he'll lay back. Like a dog in an electric fence - he doesn't know why it'll hurt, he just knows it will.

  • If they deal or release Manny, do you still think Boston should trade Pedro?
    • No. I'm not a moron.

By the way, check out this article for some infuriating Grady information.

I think I need to see another game before I can adequately discuss the Celtics....