Tuesday, November 11, 2003

More on Trot...

Like clockwork, The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley posted this article today, declaring Trot Nixon too valuable for trade:

Oh, he may run through the wrong wall, just as he may forget how many outs there are, but that's OK. He is one of those rare guys whose hustle, whose desire, has never been questioned, and you never have to wonder where he's looking, as his eyes are forever fixed, perhaps obsessively, on the prize.

That is just idiotic. Thanks for making my point for me Steve. No mention here of Trot putting up brilliant numbers last season, which is the actual reason you should keep a player. No, Buckley zeroed in on the hard-hitting facts, praising Nixon for his hustle and desire. And you're allowed to forget how many outs there are now? I guarantee you that if I could read the entire article (bostonherald.com asks visitors to pay for the privilege) there would be mention of the mightiest of all baseball feats: the dirty uniform. Ah dirt, you do make players great. It's simple-minded analysis and it's disrespectful of all Trot can really do. How predictable. For more on this, see my article from yesterday -- and thanks to www.bostonsportsmedia.com for posting the passage.

Anyway, I'm working on the pitching staff stuff, hope to have it up soon. In the meanwhile, look at this. I'm telling you, it could happen.