Monday, December 15, 2003

Another Quick Shot

Sorry this site sort of stinks right now, but time has been tight. A few quick notes:

  • Sox have signed Mark Bellhorn for 2004. He's an infielder with pop, and can play 2B, 3B, 1B, and some outfield. He had a lousy year last year, but two years ago had around 25 HR's. Probably won't start, but a good guy for the bench.

  • Peter Gammons recently reported that Alex Rodriguez would be on the Red Sox in less than 36 hours. Impossible to know who to trust at this point, and Gammons has jumped back and forth on this one over and over. The Ninth predicted it over a week ago. No one calls us the commissioner.

  • WWZN in Boston is reporting that the Celtics have acquired Ricky Davis from the Cleveland Cavaliers. You know Ricky Davis, he's the guy who shot at his own basket on purpose to try to get the 10th rebound of a triple-double. Ouch. The deal is Ricky Davis, Chris Mihm, and Michael Stewart (pukety pukety) for Tony Battie, Eric Williams, and Kedrick Brown. At first look, this trade seems a little odd. Davis can really score, but he's crackers. The other stuff they got is essentially cap fodder. Eric was playing big minutes this year, and was very effective. He wasn't going to resign, but he was a quality player. This trade makes sense if Ainge can convince anyone that Davis is a vital piece for the future. So, who's convinced? Wait, where's my wallet?
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