Friday, December 05, 2003

More Loosey Goosey

It's not my fault nothing requiring more than 200 words is going on.

  • Having just listened to my third Curt Schilling interview in the last week, I will admit that he's a bit of a jabberhound. Frankly, it's rather exhausting. Less talky, more pitchy.

  • The Diamondbacks learned a great lesson from the Marlins: dismantle your World Series team slowly and no one will notice. BK, Tony Womack, Erubiel Durazo, Reggie Sanders, Damian Miller, Craig Counsell, Schilling, Brian Anderson, and Miguel Batista all either have or likely will be moved for salary reasons. That's more than one third of the team folks. I guess that's what happens when your team is in debt. What's surprising though is the subtlety with which it's being done. First Garagiola Jr. moves Durazo, a solid young 1B because of a potentially difficult arbitration case (he made all of 1.065 mil in 2003), for some prospects, but left a whole in the heart of the order. One year later, Arizona sends Schilling to Boston for another handful of young players, turning the best of whom around to Milwaukee for Richie Sexson. Big bat in place, D'back fans rejoice. But you know what, it's a trick. Sexson is a free agent next year, and Arizona won't resign him. So they'll be left with nothing, when they could have had a cheaper Durazo or a good prospect from Boston. Instead, Garagiola Jr. wants the crowd to keep showing up, so he gets a good player that won't get them to the playoffs and won't be around the next time they do. Good thing all the D'backs fans are asleep or they might be pissed.

  • What's the chance of Bobby Valentine not having an Asian fetish?

  • Does anyone else think it's a little strange that Vladimir Guerrero's name has hardly come up at all? He may actually end up staying in Montreal. Hard to believe the Sox couldn't get Mo Vaughn to stay in Boston, but the most laughable franchise of the last 10 years can retain the league's best player when they have no money.

  • Nothing says the holidays like three flavors of popcorn in a large tin can decorated with puppies.

  • The Red Sox closer situation is getting complicated fast. Keith Foulke is still waiting to decide, but if he liked Boston so much, wouldn't he'd already be there? If Keith stays in Oakland the Sox would go to number two on their list, which by all accounts is Eddie Guardado. Problem is, the deadline for arbitration is Sunday, and now that Minnesota has loosened up some salary they'll probably offer it to Todos Los Dias. If Boston waits too long for Foulke then, they could end up losing out on both their primary and secondary options. A bit of a mess, especially with Gordon already off the market. As always, I hope they just stick with Williamson. We'll know a lot more by Monday.

  • The Alex Rodriguez story should have stopped. Why hasn't it stopped? For those living in a cave, but with internet access, read this. What Texas just did, unwisely, is make clear that they need to get rid of Arod a lot more than Boston needs to get him. Why make this story public? It doesn't help them at all. The Sox are not going to be giving anyone any money to take Manny, but the Rangers seem desperate enough that they might change their stance. The beauty of it is, Boston can wait it out. They don't need to move Manny. Ha Ha Texas. The hardest part of this might be finding a good deal for Nomar. Boston can't risk getting "stuck" with both of them, and Matsui and Tejada being available doesn't increase the demand any. The Ninth is going on easily-altered weblog record and saying this trade.....will happen. Taaa daaa. If anyone knows of any trade in history that contained two bigger players, please email it in.
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