Wednesday, December 10, 2003

My Hands Are Burning

Gentleman and ladies, some serious stuff is going down. While this is still in the "maybe" stages, it is imperative that you read this story about Andy Pettitte going to the Astros. Reports since 3pm on Wednesday have wavered from doubt to certainty, but the consensus seems to be that this is extremely close. Like "what uniform number do you prefer?" close. Not done yet though, and you can imagine that if there is even the slightest window, Georgey Fats will step in. The Ninth is a bit under the gun at the ol' 9 to 5, so there isn't much chance for analysis - but consider this: when's the last time the Yankees weren't able to acquire the precise player they wanted? The correct answer: Juan Gonzalez. The corollary: he's totally nuts.

Second, but equally important, is Nomar Garciaparra. Peter Gammons recently posted this piece, that is certainly worth a read, but a little, uh, behind the eight ball. I adore Gammons, but isn't it clear to everyone that Nomar's days in Boston are like whicked few? According to Gammons, since John Henry went Good, Bad, and Ugly all over Arn Tellem, Nomar has gotten upset, and is going to stick to his contract demands more than ever. Well guess what? Nobody cares. If the Sox don't acquire Arod, Garciaparra is still going to be traded. Why else would Henry make such inflammatory remarks? Both Lucchino and Henry have stated in several locations that Nomar has presented himself as unwilling to sign with Boston, and they've moved on. So Nomar might not even take the 4 years/60 million offer now? That'll really be sad when it never gets offered. That deal is off the table, and so, most likely is #5's future in Beantown. He's priced himself out of this city. It's too bad, but he's got no one to blame but himself. And Carlos Reyes, sort of.

In closing, Gammons has noted that he feels neither Arod nor Foulke will end up in Boston. The Ninth happily agrees on the latter, but thinks Arod in Fenway is too right to be wrong.