Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Song That Never Ends

As far as I can tell, the following is a compilation of various internet postings and can not be corroborated by any "legitimate" news outlet. The Ninth has been listening to the new Clem Snide album, so can't really speak to any of it, but it sure is fun.

From BDD:

1:20:04, 1:17pm: ESPN radio's Bruce Levine on Dan Patrick's radio show is now saying that talks on the Manny-for-A-Rod trade heated up this past week and John Henry and Tom Hicks either met last weekend or will meet this coming weekend. Patrick says A-Rod was bending Bud Selig's ear about the trade at Sammy Sosa's birthday party in the Dominican and is pressing hard for the deal. According to Levine, who says the deal will happen according to his sources, all parties still want the deal to go through, and Selig's comment was to "get the deal done then call me only after everyone has approved the trade." Patrick says the deal will get done most likely by "this weekend." Alex has not spoken to manager Buck Showalter since the trade talks stalled in December.

Terry Shumpert and Alex Rodriguez! An embarrassment of riches.