Thursday, May 20, 2004

Blogger Sucks

Thanks for the free service Blogger, but you just ate my whole damn post. Gone. In the trash can, and it was good too. So don't change your interface until it works right you jerks.

Because there's no way I'm typing that again, here's a quick run down.

1. Pokey is a better fielder than Nomar. Sad but true.

2. Rob Bell = Chris Parnell, figure out why on your own.

3. Todd Walker Guy now heckles Mark Bellhorn. Sox fans aren't Classy, make own connection.

4. Zimmer lives 15 minutes from the ball park and 15 minutes from the track. How nice.

5. Schilling wanted a perfect game last night.

6. Foulke's the best Sox closer ever. Or is he? Mysterious, hu?

7. Wow Dick Radatz was good. Seriously, check out his stats. Write your own column about it. Just don't do it on Blogger, because they'll lose it.

8. Francona should've gone with DiNardo instead of Embree.

9. Oh I don't even remember.