Tuesday, May 18, 2004

May 11, 2004

Dear Angela,

Please don't get angry. I know that it was weird of me to show up outside your building. Let me explain. I stopped by Skydome to pre-locate some good parking for the games, and I talked with Terry in custodial services (what a character!) who turned out to be really nice. I know people say that about Canada all the time, that everyone's really nice, but I have to say that everyone's really nice. And anyway, Terry seemed to have plenty of time to chat, so we got to talking about things, and eventually you came up. He told me your name, and said you were quite beautiful. I didn't think that was really appropriate of Terry to say, but at the same time I had to agree. We talked a little about concessions, the Blue Jays, even the custodial arts, but it turned out that Terry was sort of long-winded. I told him I had to get going then asked for your address, but he couldn't provide it, and we got into a bit of an argument. Turns out Terry isn't that nice.

But he did give me your name, which I thanked him for, and thought perhaps I would look you up. I went to the phone booth where I've been storing a few of my things and flipped through the Toronto phone book. There you were: Angela Worth -- 374 Dundas Street, 416-739-6272. Amazing to see you in black and white. I guess it's actually black and yellow. LOL. You live right near this great stationery store I wanted to check out, so I figure'd I'd just drive by and see your place. I wasn't going to honk or waive or anything, just wanted to get a feel for the neighborhood, but right as I passed by I noticed a little raccoon knock over one of your trash cans. What a rascal. So I figured I'd be a pal and pull over and tidy it up for you, which is, of course, what you saw when you drove up.

It was really great to finally come in contact with you, and I felt like even though we haven't officially met, there was a spark. I know I must have looked a little funny standing there messing with your garbage, and I could tell by the way you shouted "dirty hobo" that you got the joke too. Of course I'm not a hobo, I'm your pal-to-be, T.N.! I'm sorry if I wasn't able to pick up all of the rubbish, but your dog seemed really angry, so I thought it would be best to mosey on. Anyway, it was really exciting to see you and exchange words, and I'm looking even more forward to Thursday than before. Just send me that email (topofninth@yahoo.com) and we can figure out a place to meet before the game. This time, I'll bring the garbage! Just kidding. Ok Angela, talk soon.