Thursday, May 27, 2004

May 13, 2004


I am writing you from what seems to be a facilities closet here at Skydome. I'm not really a technical guy, so I couldn't say for certain, but it sure is noisy and there's a strange electrical box in the corner that is spewing a lot of smoke. It's hard to write without any light, so if my penmanship is a little messy, I apologize. If Mom could see me now!

So I'm sorry that I made a little bit of a scene back there. I really had no idea that the behind homeplate area is restricted to special ticket holders. I just wanted to say "Hi", and explain to you about the garbage thing in person. I really think the security guy was being a jerk, and while I agree that the word "Fascist" wasn't totally appropriate, it wasn't totally not appropriate either. I mean, you're a valued employee, you should be able to have friends visit you at your job, right? I just think someone should have your best interests in mind. If you want, I can talk to him again for you. Once I find a way out of this closet.

How funny was that second security guy who showed up! "Hey man, you can't be down here without a ticket!" Like we hadn't covered that already. And jeez buddy, I'm here with my friend Angela, so why doesn't everyone relax. I really did want to talk with you, but when the third and fourth security person showed up, I figured it was probably better to wait for another time. Don't have to tell me twice. I guess I have a lot to learn about Canadian culture, because I started running just to get back to my seat, but the guys seemed to think I had done something wrong, so they started chasing me. What a mix up! And if there's one thing I've learned it's that when someone starts chasing you, boy is it hard to get them to stop. So I looked and looked for a way to get back to my seat, but they started getting closer so I decided to just duck into this closet for a bit. But the door seems to have locked behind me. And that box is really smoking a lot. I'm sure I'll get out in no time though, and maybe we can grab those chicken fingers we were talking about?

Hey, I think I just found a light switch. Oh, gotta go now.