Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Coming Soon...

The site will be back full force after the 4th of July. Sorry for not being able to provide a bit of work-day distraction for you all lately.

Last night's game was, of course, a horror show. The Red Sox are quickly becoming the league whipping boy, and, whether fairly or not, are being put in a very tough position. There's little reason to believe they'll take more than one of the next two, then they go to Atlanta where they have had trouble in the past. After that comes Oakland and Texas, two clubs that have had their number. This has the potential of becoming a very ugly scenario, especially to a team that has already lost 3 of the last 4 series. Nomar has looked like a mess, both papers are taking him to town this morning, and Sons of Sam Horn has eight pages about the potential of trading him. I didn't give the thought much credence until I read a recent Theo remark: "We need to give this a period of time and if things don't get better, then we'd be more open-minded about change for change's sake." You ever hear a GM mention change for change's sake before? No? That's because they never do. It's referred to more commonly as "desperation". But that doesn't make it an inherently bad idea, does it? Desperate times, as the man says. And if you were changing some pieces of the Sox puzzle, which ones would they be? You know you can win with Pokey at short, you know Bellhorn is going to score 100 and drive in 90, and you know Nomar is gone at the end of the year. You don't think Theo is seriously considering this right now? Hey, San Francisco might be interested in getting a real bat behind Bonds for a few months. Maybe Frank McCourt wants to bring his hometown hero into LA to get some hitting going? Bring him in cheap for half a season and see if it's a good match. I'll tell you right now, this whole thing makes a lot more sense than I thought.