Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hot Points

No game last night, but there seems to be two major things going on with the Red Sox today:

Via Peter Gammons - Beltran to the Sox, Williamson and Youkilis to the A's, Mark Teahan, Mike Wood (prospects) from the A's as well as Kelly Shopach to the Royals. Is there a single person who thinks this is a good idea? Giving the A's the closer they need, sending away our two highest prospects, and getting a very good but not great player for three months in return? Sure, that sounds like fun - where are the bumper cars? Beltran will not sign this year, and in all likelihood is going to be loving New York in '05. In order for him to play everyday, Manny becomes a DH and Ortiz has to play 1st full time. Yes, our offense improves, but we've lost our best trading chips and still have big rotation question makes. Not to mention the hole that Swilly would leave in the pen. All for a guy that no one feels Boston really needs. Why are we talking about this exactly? Randy Johnson waives his no-trade, then we've got something. Jamie Moyer, Freddy Garcia, Eddie Guardado -- all appealing. But an Acura for the price of a Mercedes when we only get to put a couple hundred miles on it? No gracias.

Don't Panic, We've Got Curtis Leskanic - Before the game tonight, Boston will announce the acquisition of set-up man Curt Leskanic, formerly of the Royals. Has had a terrible year so far, up until the last few weeks. He may or may not have a tear in his rotator cuff (hey, he'll have something to chat about with Pedro), but in the past has had some good years. A lot of people have compared this to grabbing Todd Jones, but The Ninth thinks it's more than that. We tabbed him as a player of interest in our Free Agent-rific
discussion last season, and we (I) think he can be of value. He was nasty with Kansas City last year coming down the stretch, totaling seven holds and two saves in only 26 innings. His ERA was under 2 and found himself almost entirely in crucial situations. If he's healthy, he'll help. And not just more than Malaska.