Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Ol' Grind

First post of the week on Wednesday. I know, I know, not the kind of quality performance I'm being paid for. I know you don't much care, but job #1 (crappy internet company) and job #2 (actor) have kicked it into high gear simultaneously, leaving job #3 (award-winning internet sports writer) looking for its mommy at the grocery store. The station wagon's gone baby, and I ain't sure it's comin back. The next week will be spotty at best, but fear not, I shall return. It's too bad, because these games with the Rockies sound quite interesting. I'm glad a team in Colorado exists, because the atmosphere provides a lot of fascinating intellectual challenges, but I'm happy as heck that it isn't my team. They've gone through more organizational shifts of strategy than a fat lady at the check out line (no idea what that means), but they still keep losing. It seems like their best plan was the most simple: get guys who hit far. The best Rockie teams by a good margin were those in the mid-90's, squads that boasted pure sluggers like Bichette, Burks, a healthy Larry Walker, and Vinny Castilla v1.0. Those guys were each a solid bet to drop 40 bombs a year. And they made decent clubs, even with Kevin Ritz, Armando Reynoso, and the ghost of Billy Swift starting games. At some point (probably around the time Dan O'Dowd took over) the Rockies decided this was sort of a foolish way to build a club, and got more pitching-focused. Sounds good on paper, but paper hasn't tried to pitch in Coors field. Since then, Colorado has pretty much stunk, and not won enough at home to offset how wildly dreadful they were on the road. It seems like the key now might be to build a team that can win 50 games at home, split on the road, and hope for the best. How do you do that? Score lots and lots of runs. Does anyone have Dante Bichette's cell phone?

Anyway, enough on Colorado. Many others have discussed it far better (using, you know, math) in the past. If you're interested, this post on SoSH lays out some pretty interesting thoughts. And yeah, it's a little dorked out. A couple of quick thoughts before I go back to wizork:

-The Yankees are making things very tough right now, but Boston has won 2 of 3 each series since, ahem, Anaheim. In the long run, that'll do just fine.

-Schilling ain't going anywhere near the disabled list, and Pedro and Dlowe are throwing their best ball this year. Joe Morgan was right, the difference with Martinez has nothing to do with his curveball - it's all the heat. He has 4 more mph's and his ball is moving. It's the difference between a swing and miss on 2-2 and a foul ball or a bloop hit. Huge. You never had to worry about Derek. Hate to say I told you so, but it's to hard to say I told you so without it.

-How long before Nomar takes his position in black face wearing number 3 and starts sarcastically yelling, "Hey, my name is Pokey, I've been here two weeks and everybody loves me! I can't hit a lick, and I've never been an All-Star, but can't I jump high! Aren't I just the greatest?! Sure Nomar's played here for eight years, but I'm speedy and I smile a lot! Hooray for me!"?

-Kevin Millar is slowly but surely pissing off every fan in Red Sox Nation.

Gotta go folks....