Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Bottles and Cans

  • 2 Hamburgers, One Hot Dog, Corn on Cob, Potato Salad, Two Pieces of Cake, 6 Beers.

    4th of July: Spirited Celebration

    5th of July: Dangerous Lack of judgment

  • It's hard to get used to seeing those 77's and 78's in the RBI category for Manny and Ortiz. How do you get 80 RBI's in 86 games? I remember when you could lead a team with 90 for the season.

  • Mark Blount was a nice keep for the Celtics, and I'm delighted that Antonio Mcdyess is slipping away to Detroit. If you have qualify every evaluation with "if he's healthy...", then maybe it's best to keep the 20 mil in your pocket. I mean, you're not the Knicks, are you? Word is that Eric Williams and Rodney Rodgers are in mind for mid-level exemption money. I always liked E-dub, but he works much better as defense and energy off the bench than as a starter.

  • Anyone else think Randy Johnson is getting a little tired of Schill and Unit show?

  • "Hello Mr. Odom, I'd like to welcome you back to Los Angeles. It certainly has been a lo....uh, Mr. Odom? Wait. Please, sir, Lamar, where are you going? Mr. Odom? We really should be heading over to practice now...Coach was very specific about tha - Lamar, I don't think you're allowed to smoke that in here. Or anywhere. Please don't use that gesture, sir. Mr. Odom, please come back! Oh boy.

  • Mark Bellhorn at the halfway point (precisely, as it happens -- he has played exactly 81 games) has scored 62 runs and knocked in 50. If he manages a full second half, he'll end with....calculators ready.... 100 RBI and over 120 scored. That is, well, remarkable. Easily the overlooked stat of the season. Only two Red Sox second baseman have EVER knocked in 100, and one of them is Bobby Doerr. He did it six times through the 40's and 50's, but the other, old friend Del Pratt, did it just once. And do you know how many Boston two baggers have driven in 120? Ever? None. Zero. Goose Eggs. In the history of time. And somehow people want Bellhorn benched.

    As far as I can tell, the greatest season the Red Sox ever had from the position was in 1950 from Bobby Doerr. His line read: 103 R, 172 H, 29 2B, 11 3B, 27 HR, 120 RBI, 67 BB, 42 K, .294/.367/.519. If Bellhorn can get a full 162, he'll provide 124 R, 168 H, 36 2B, 4 3B, 22 HR, 100 RBI, 122 BB, 192 K, .268/.388/.443. How do you like that? Sure, there's a difference there, but it isn't a very big one. And people are missing Todd Walker? Bellhorn is a better defender, a better hitter, and much cheaper. He trumps Walker and brings more to the table than Pokey - he needs to play everyday. We all get a kick of Pokes, but Bellie has been quietly putting up historic numbers. You want to bench that just to get one highlight catch a week? No thanks.1) More people should be talking about what he's doing, and 2) He should play.

  • Early word is Clemens plans to wear another 300 patch on his glove tonight. "300 Reasons Piazza's Sucky".

  • The Ninth is constantly amazed by the lack of perspective and patience that fans and reporters have with major league managers. There are a couple great ones, many good ones, and a few crappy ones. But all of them, ALL OF THEM, make mistakes. You know why it seems like yours makes more? Because you don't watch the other ones everyday.

  • For one of the all-time idiotic rumor suggestions, check out (where else?) Dirt Dogs.