Friday, September 17, 2004

Football Baseball Football

You know what's hilarious? Building your entire fantasy football team around two running backs, then having one of them go down with a serious knee injury. Stephen Davis, out 2-5 weeks with a knee injury. Yeah, there's a real good chance he'll be back in two weeks. Right. Week 2, season over. Can I have my twenty bucks back?

Anyway, on to teams that are good. New England is playing Arizona this weekend, and all people are talking about the weather. You know you're facing a crappy team when the newspapers spend as much time on the temperature as they do the actual club. Yeah, it'll be 90 at Sun Devil Stadium, but come on. They could play on the actual sun, and it wouldn't matter. So, who's our standout?

The Ninth One Patriots vs. Cardinals: Rodney Harrison

The one concern after the Indy game was New England's run defense. Edge ripped the inside of New England's defense with new NT Keith Traylor looking bad and Vince Wilfork looking only a bit better. But I have seen Edgerrin James and Emmitt Smith is no Edgerrin James. Not anymore anyway. Belichick will have made adjustments and the noses will play better, but really, they won't have to -- they won't be tested too hard. Emmitt Smith is like a washed-up Eddie George, except more washed-up. One way or another, the run game isn't going to be a problem. The danger here is Larry Fitzgerald and Bryant Johnson. Two big receivers who can run and bang. And Josh McCown isn't bad at the QB. These guys will get their catches, but the key is holding them to small gains. That's where Rodney comes in. Once the Arizona receivers get the ball, they need to brought down. And a couple of good hits on guys with a combined 17 games of pro experience couldn't hurt either. Let them get the ball, but make them wish they hadn't. And don't let them manhandle your smaller cornerbacks. That's basically what Rodney does for a living, so he's our guy. How am I going to evaluate this? No idea. But hell, nobody's reading anyway.