Thursday, September 09, 2004

New Segment

Hello ladies and germs...we're gonna try a new something for this year's football season. Because everybody picks winners, we're gonna pick players. Well one actually. We'll call it The Ninth One: the player we predict to be the standout in this week's Patriots game. Doesn't have to be a Pat, but let's be honest, how often am I gonna be picking some Titan or something? That's right, never. You may remember this idea from last season, when I would repeatedly insist that Larry Centers would have a huge game and he would never touch the ball. So it'll be like that, expect, you know, smarter. Picking Tom Brady or Corey Dillon over and over is allowed, but admittedly, kind of lame. We're looking for the hidden gem here. Oh, and we'll post the The One on the sidebar for the week, so my brilliance can be permanently documented. Ok, here we go:

The Ninth One Patriots vs. Colts: David Patten

Everybody thinks the story here is going to be New England's defense and their ability to adjust to the new rules -- but that's a little simplistic. You guys have seen this secondary, do you think they're gonna be able to handle a few new flags? Are they thugs who bang because they can't cover - or are they dominant defenders who do what they can to get an edge? You just answered out loud, didn't you? Weirdo. The new rules might hurt Law and crew a bit, but these are talented players, they'll adjust. No, the story of this game is not going to be New England's secondary, it'll be Indy's. You know who's starting on Thursday night at corner for the Colts? Jason David and Von Hutchins. Never heard of them? Gee, that's strange, you must not be up on your obscure back-up rookie cornerbacks. They're freshman, they've never played before, and Charlie Weis is going after them early and often. Don't forget that Brady and the bunch scored at will against Indy in '03, mostly through the air. Expect that again tonight, and expect a lot of The General, David Patten. He's listed as 2 on the depth chart, mostly because he's been the only receiver other than Deion Branch to stay healthy throughout training camp. He's got all the skills he had before he got hurt, and now he's got a chip on his shoulder from being given only an outside chance to make the team. David has always seemed to thrive on being overlooked, and that should give him an extra edge tonight. He won't see the double teams that Branch will, and in fact, should benefit from the Colts' over-interest in his teammate. Should be a big night for the little man, or at least we hope. Would look a little silly to start this thing off with a goose egg....