Friday, September 03, 2004

Quick Ones

-- Last night's win was absolutely shocking. That game had 9-1-loss-but-it's-ok-because-we-still-took-the-series written all over it. Didn't happen though. I realized a strange thing while watching: the Red Sox are now better than I thought they could be. Have Sox fans ever been able to say that? Even last year when we were tearing it up there was that stinky garbage bullpen looming as an area of disappointment. But we don't have that Dick Nixon to kick around anymore. There's literally nothing to feel badly about. So we're left with a club that, sure, will come back to earth a bit, but is playing better ball at the moment than I think many of us ever considered possible. That kind of thing happens in Oakland, Florida, heck, even New York - but not Boston. It's hard to deal with. I do remember this feeling though, when it was called the '03 Patriots and the '86 Celtics.

-- Terry Francona has done a great job the last two nights with his bullpen. Exactly what we suggested a few weeks ago. Playing matchups heavy and not asking too much of any one guy. He made a somewhat dangerous decision in leaving DLowe in to face Vlad in the 8th, but got lucky when the hard line drive was directly at Damon. But his use of Myers and Adams on Wednesday was highly creative, and dare I say, masterful? Of course, as every Joe Torre will tell you, it sure it helps when your players are doing their jobs.

-- Off to Fenway for the weekend. Great time to see some ballgames. Let's hope we can see the streak continue.