Friday, October 22, 2004

The Ninth Heads To Boston

And you should too, if you're not there already. The Sox won't be in the Series too many times folks, and I would like to see it for myself.

The matchup, we now know, is the St. Louis Cardinals, the team with the best record in baseball. Do keep in mind however that the team with that distinction has not actually won the Series since 1998. In fact, Wild Cards have fared much better of late. But, just like the ALCS, the point isn't the past, it's what they're facing now, and the Cardinals are a good team. Larry Walker, Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen, Jim Edmonds - all in a row. Dangerous stuff. But their pitching -- Jason Marquis, Matt Morris, Woody Williams, Jeff Suppan - all in a row. Not good. Hey open the window, it smells like Cardinal pitching in here. And the bullpen, which was a big strength, is banged up with Steve Kline and Julian Tavarez on the slab. Keep in mind as well, for all the hoop and la about their offense, the Sox scored 100 more runs this year. And I believe Edmonds and Walker can be pitched to. This team has flaws, and all season Pujols and Rolen have mashed their way out of it. Which they certainly could do again - but if Boston can pitch those guys tough, they will win. The one thing about St. Louis that is beyond reproach: defense. Rolen, Edmonds, Edgar Renteria, and Mike Matheny are all spectacular with the glove - and everyone else is solid. Easy runs will not happen.

Boston will not roll, but I do believe they'll . In 6 games. And no, I'm not typing that word, you think I'm insane?