Monday, November 22, 2004

Oney One

Alright, the Ninth One tonight is really easy, it's going to be Tom Brady. He's going to throw for a million yards and 2 million touchdowns. Don't check my math. But The Ninth vowed at the beginning of this thing that we wouldn't ever pick Brady because that's too easy. Oy. Such standards. So, as tempted as I am to pick Deion Branch with a surprise big start, I'm going to the defense.

The Ninth One Patriots v. Chiefs: Richard Seymour

This guy is the best player on the Patriots. How that doesn't get said enough, I don't know. Tom Brady's good, but Seymour is spectacular. But it's subtle. Go back and watch your Patriots Super Bowl DVD. Almost every sack a linebacker gets is a result of a double-teamed Seymour. He stunts, two guys pick him, and Vrabel slides in for the hit. But the play doesn't happen without Big Sey. Washington was an important influence, but New England played almost exactly as well against the run when he was injured. The guy they can't do without is Seymour, and that will hold true tonight. Even without Priest Holmes, the Chiefs can really run. Blaylock is a capable back up and Kansas City has a vicious O-Line. Teams usually run away from Richard, but Ty Warren has been having an impressive year. They'll both have to step up tonight. KC is easily the best 3 win team in the league.