Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Rigoddamndiculous Part 2

Alright, who the hell did that? How could an entire group of people possibly be so dumb? Are you really serious that the worst President this country has had in 50 years is getting re-elected? How could that be? I mean, people actually voted for him. A lot. That's preposterous. The guy doesn't read. You know that, right? Won't read briefs because they're too "hard". Has to have them read to him by, presumably, an on-staff librarian. That doesn't bother you? The lying and saying we're going to war for fake reasons and letting the actually important war in Afghanistan go ignored - that's not a problem? The constant vacations. You're cool with that? I mean what is wrong with you people? Vacations! I write copy for an internet gift website and I don't have time for a vacation. This is absurd. And the sad part is, you think you did a good job. You're pleased with the outcome. You think the right guy won. How disgusting. I'm shocked that people are allowed to be this stupid. I was in a cab last night and the driver said things were better in his homeland, Egypt. And I agreed. Completely. I mean come on, Egypt, folks. Do they even have water? People are supposed to come to America looking for a better life, they're not supposed to go back. And it's not George's fault. No, he's just George'n it up, doing his thing. You're the idiots who voted for him. I mean what is going on in your brain? And I'm sure you're out there. Somebody who reads this site voted for him, I'm sure of it. A hundred hits a day, one of you jokers must've been involved in this. And you know what, you're done. That's it. Your visiting privileges are hereby revoked. Get out of here and don't come back. The Ninth has declared you unwelcome.

In the words of Johnny Most, Typical Disgusting Display.