Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bulleted Points

If you're the kind of person that loves it when your buddy picks up his old guitar and soulfully strums classic Pearl Jam songs while cleverly mimicking Eddie Veder's voice, then you'll love Bronson Arroyo's new album.

What possibly makes Johnny Damon think we want to hear his opinion on every topic Red Sox and otherwise? Sure, you hit baseballs, I 'd love to know what you think of the upcoming Supreme Court nominations. Any ideas for a delightful summer salad recipe?

The Ninth has just discovered "Yeah!" by Usher and Lil' John, putting me approximately 2 years behind the times. Good song though. It does seem unduly preoccupied with booty however.

A healthy Chad Bradford, when combined with Mike Myers, could make for a deadly 6th/7th inning force for Boston. Of course it is a somewhat sad state of affairs when you need to use two roster spots to create one good pitcher.

Nobody can exaggerate an impressive rookie league performance quite like the New York media. David Lee - probable starter, Nate Robinson - steal of the draft, Channing Frye - actual super hero. They're going to be playing against only rookies in the regular season too, right? No? Oh. This got awkward.

Best Movie of the Summer: Batman Begins. Second Best: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and no, I'm not kidding. Ok, I am a little bit, but it's good.

Reggie Jackson was openly eating a sandwich on television while "analyzing" the Home Run Derby on Monday. We don't take the evening all that seriously either Reggie, but how 'bout pretending you're working for your money.

The funniest things that happen in this world happen on the Chinatown Shuttle Bus from Boston to New York. $10, each way, and if there is a truer example of "you get what you pay for", I don't know what it is. Want to get stabbed for a seat? By an old lady? This is the bus for you. Enjoy the odor of the unbathed human body? Get yourself a tickito. Always wondered what people discuss while on their cellular telephones? You'll have five hours to figure it out. It's wonderful. And it is the site of easily the sickest story The Ninth has heard in his entire life. Not printable. Not by a longshot. But if you're interested, email, I'll give you the lowdown. And take the bus, at least once, just for the experience. You probably won't die.

It's weird that everyone knows John Olerud is better than Kevin Millar except Kevin Millar, and yet he still plays. Worst slugging percentage of any starting 1B in baseball. The worst. Eric Hinske, Scott Hatteberg, Daryle Ward, all better.

While The Ninth has mocked the Curt Schilling closer experiment, I am kind of hoping to see him against the Yankees this weekend. Where I will be, in person. Yes, people actually do win the Yankee ticket raffle. I was as shocked as you are.