Sunday, July 31, 2005

Riches, You Embarrass

Trading deadline and the John Pabelbon debut all in the same afternoon! It's enough to make you forget the emptiness you have inside. And he almost struck out the side in the first. Pleasure, thy name is Pabelbon.

How do you get a girlfriend if your name is Terry Tiffee? Hello Miss, I'm Terry Tiffee and I will be your date for the evening. Why are you crying?

So far this is shaping up as the snooziest deadline day ever. The Manny stuff is done, thanks to the absurdity of Chuck LaMarr and Ramirez going through his daily change of mind. Manny gave a nice interview before the game today, saying, of course, that he actually doesn't want to be traded and couldn't be happier. Then he added that he liked horsies and that green was his favorite color. Here's a good rule of thumb: stop listening when Manny talks.

Also before the game, Gordon Edes reported more trade news than ESPN has all weekend. The Cubs are looking to acquire Ken Griffey Jr. to add to their All Disabled team, and Alfonso Soriano is still in play, perhaps to Minnesota. Scott Eyre seems to be the reliever of the Red Sox desire, which would be a great fit at a reasonable price. A tough lefty who has actually had more success against righties this year, Eyre has an overall .188 batting average against in '05. Less of a swing-and-miss guy than JC Romero, but just as effective and probably cheaper to get. Look for the Sox to offer San Francisco a package centered around Kelly Shoppach and minor league pitching. Other than that, things are quiet. Keep in mind though that Theo's loves the surprise move.

Is there anything more appropriate than Peter Gammons going into the Hall of Fame on a Sunday, July 31st? The day of the week and the time of the year that Gammons made himself indispensable. We'll miss him on the air today.

Jose Cruz Jr. stinks, and yet he has 3 times as many home runs as Millar. It's a sad statement, but he'll probably be fairly useful. The attitude is a bit of a concern.

I hope Florida enjoys the three pointless months of AJ Burnett and having nothing but dirty laundry to show for it this winter. Well played, Marlins. Well played.

Five minutes til ESPN's deadline day special, and yes, The Ninth already has the "Quick Flip" button on his remote set to go. I suggest you do the same. Where are the cookies? I understood there would be cookies.