Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Six Gun Gunner

  • It is so hot in New York that Alex Rodriguez's ego has actually started to melt.

  • The best day in sports, baseball's trading deadline, is fast approaching. For those of you who haven't marked your calendars, it's this Sunday the 31st at 5pm. And if your calendar is marked with the trading deadline, chances are it isn't marked with much of anything else. Boom. Anyhoo, the Sox have been mentioned in a number of deals, but nothing seems particularly close. The two big names that keep coming up are J.C. Romero and A.J. Burnett, but the former strikes the Ninth as unlikely. Why would the Twins, a constant contender, trade one of the most reliable and reasonably priced set-up men in the game? And if they did, why would they only get Bill Mueller, a solid but not spectacular guy who's a free agent next year? It would be a great move for Boston, who'd essentially get Alan Embree back, but good this time, though I don't see Minnesota going for it. A.J. Burnett is tricky. The package, presumably, would be Bronson Arroyo and some very good prospects. But how much better than Arroyo is A.J. anyway? His stuff certainly is, and you can imagine him dominanting playoff offense more easily, but the results have been similar. And Bronson would cost less in the future. Now, Burnett could become an ace, and that's not in Guitarroyo's future, but you'll have to trade a prospect that could perhaps be big time himself. If Schilling can't return to the rotation, you may need a player like Burnett at the front of your rotation, but other than that, you're giving up a lot for potential.

  • Keep in mind too that Theo's job got a little harder last night when Trot Nixon strained his oblique, an injury that can take 2 weeks or 2 months to recover from. If Jay Payton had just waited two weeks to throw that tirade he'd be an everyday outfielder now.

  • Didn't the trading deadline used to be at midnight? That's a deadline. Who picked 5 pm? Unless you're jewish or a vampire, sundown doesn't really mean much to ya.

  • This is the year, without Ted Bruschi, that New England learns how good Roosevelt Colvin is.

  • Manny apparently refused to play this afternoon in Tampa, saying he was promised a day off. So now Boston has Olerud hitting 4th, Adam Stern playing right, and Tracy Morgan in left. Why wouldn't Ramirez play just to avoid the crap he's going to get? Is it really worth it? Francona, very slyly, reported the exchange exactly as it happened to the media, knowing they would punish Manny in a way he couldn't. Smart move, and one that Joe Torre has made perfect over the years.

  • Manny Delcarmen, Manny Delcarmen. What exactly was Theo waiting for? This kid can pitch. And before we get down on Chad Bradford, he hadn't thrown in a week, got some groundballs that turned into hits, and had no business pitching to Aubrey Huff. The single worst matchup the Devil Rays can create for Boston is Huff against Bradford. Nice work on that one Tito.

  • For those of you who love the reality TV, check out Bravo's new show "Situation: Comedy". It's like Project Greenlight, except with television, and has been great so far. Also, it features a great friend and (ahem) loyal reader of the Ninth! See loyal readers, one of you has gone on to succeed! Now there is a model to strive for. Read The Ninth and become a television celebrity. It can happen. It does happen. Let it happen to you.

  • Want the Ninth to visit you in your private home or dwelling? No? Seriously? Well if you did, you could find me on VH1 discussing the funny things celebrities name their babies. Yes, Audio Science is actually a name.

  • It is so hot in New York that if aliens attacked I wouldn't even run. I'd just let them eat me. Or whatever it is they do.