Monday, August 29, 2005

Care About Democracy?

The Ninth does, and that's why I vote regularly in Internet-based reality TV polls. And so should you. As we mentioned earlier in the season, Bravo's "Situation: Comedy" features an official Childhood Friend of the Ninth and (ahem) loyal reader. As I know all of you have been watching, there is little need for a recap, so I'll keep it brief. Two teams are trying to make a sitcom. There, how was that? Friend of the Ninth, David Lampson, is a member of the Stephen's Life writing team and I urge you strongly to vote for his show on the Bravo website. If you do, his life will be better, and isn't that reason enough? If you're uncomfortable voting for something you haven't watched, the Ninth says this: 1) You vote for city councilman sometimes right? Any idea what they do? Nope. 2) "Stephen's Life" is really much better than the competition, trust me. So you'll be on the side of rightness, without putting any effort into research. Isn't that nice? So please, click on this link and vote for "Stephen's Life" once a day. For America. Thank you.