Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just Dropped In

Just flipped on the game to notice that Matt Clement has made a slight change to his pitching wind up. Hadn't read anything in the paper about it, but his leg kick seems to smaller and more deliberate. Clement's knee used to come quickly up almost parallel to his hip, and then he would drive to the plate. It looks like Wallace has slowed this process down some and shortened the height of the kick. Nothing drastic, but a noticeable difference. The design I'm sure if to get Matt more focused on the strike zone, but how this will help specifically I can't guess. I ain't that smaht.

Also, the Red Sox released Jose Cruz Jr yesterday so they could immediately get Kevin Youkilis on the roster, just to have him sit on the bench. Huh? Honestly, this makes no sense. Cruz was not going to be a difference maker this year, but Theo did give up two decent prospects to get him, just to DFA him 12 at-bats later. Obviously, this is a huge waste of two minor leaguers. Did Cruz complain about playing time? Was his back more injured then he let on? No idea, but on the face it looks like a mis-step for Epstein. Boston has also acquired Mike Remlinger, who has the advantage of being slightly better than Alan Embree, but not enough to make it really worth the paperwork. There seems to be an awful lot of tinkering going on here.