Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Schill Report

Curt is probably disappointed, and the WEEI callers are sure to be annoyed, but tonight's appearance was a distinct step forward. Schilling got in trouble with one bad curveball, a few bad splitters, and mediocre control, but turned the start around with his two buddies, location and velocity. After the second inning, Curt switched to sliders and fastballs and seemed to find his command. From then a few balls were hit hard, but Tampa couldn't string anything together. In fact, had Kapler caught a well-hit but entirely gettable Lugo triple in the second, Curt could've been in line for a win. And yes, Damon would've had it. So no matter what you read tomorrow, understand that this was a start to build on. That doesn't mean Schilling is back, but he's in great position to turn the corner. If he can keep the velocity in the 93/94 neighborhood he found in the middle innings and keep refining that control, Boston could have an ace a few starts down the road.