Thursday, September 29, 2005


That's all I got time for, one paragraph, but I couldn't let today pass without remark. Must-Win games in June? Nope. July? Eh. August? Not really. But this, this is a must-win game. It is not critical that New York also loses, although it would help, but the Sox can't risk going down two games. So Matt Clement, welcome to the biggest game of your life. Pitch well, pitch deep, and prove to Dusty Baker why he should've let you play this time last year. Think of this: if Boston, NY, and Cleveland are all able to win tonight, and the Sox and Tribe take two of three this weekend - three-way tie. It could really happen. Youch. If the Ninth was a betting ordinal number, he'd pick the Sox to do enough to take the Wild Card but lose the division. Just seems like the sort of crap they'd pull. On other news, the Red Sox have aquired Mike Stanton for four games. I guess they lost Mike Remlinger's phone number. Actually, it's a fine move, but it would've been a lot better two weeks ago. Maybe he and Embree can have drinks.