Sunday, September 25, 2005


Well we really knocked it out of the park last week. Kevin Faulk, perhaps feeling the pressure of the Ninth One selection, gained a massive 30 total yards and as a non-factor. Ninth One Curse? Absolutely. Oh the power a rarely read blog can wield.

This week is a tough game to read, not a challenge the Ninth One selection committee really needed. It would be nice to say that Corey Dillon is going to feel responsible for his poor start and run wild in week 3, but the Steelers aren't the best matchup for CD. Let's remember the way last year's playoff game went. Both teams killed themselves trying to establish the run early and both succeeded. In killing themselves, that is. Rushing yards were nowhere to be found, and it became a Roethlisberger v. Brady contest, a matchup New England will take every time. The Ninth continues to be amazed at the league's fascination with Big Ben. If there's a QB in football not named Boller who's asked to do less, I would love to know who. He's fine, but not many teams consider 130 yds from their quarterback a success. Brady, in a game where the run is nullified, is far more equipped for victory. But the New England defense has yet to establish their control of the line, as they did last year. So...

The Ninth One, New England vs. Pittsburgh: Richard Seymour

Willie Parker is the best Steeler weapon by far. He's a speed back, unlike either of the two gentlemen NE have seen previously. Logic would put the Patriots into more of the 4-3 this afternoon, but, of course, expect the unexpected. Whatever alignment the boys find them in, Seymour will have to dominate. He's the cornerstone of New England's front line, and has the ability to shut down an entire side. Depending on the set, Richard can either make tackles or open things up for his linebackers, but look for more of the former today. This is not the time to see if the linebackers are ready to step up. Could the Pats really be 1-2? Yeah, they really could.