Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Manny Possibilites

If you are, as the Ninth has been, attempting to do work while reloading ESPN.com every five minutes, here's something a bit more interesting than the Worldwide Leader claiming AJ Burnett to the Jays as breaking news for the 5th time today. It's an idea born completely by the Ninth and is a result of zero industry sources, other than a half-empty pack of Camel Ultra-Lights. It's simply an idea that we think could work.

Leaving Boston: Manny Ramirez, Bronson Arroyo.
Leaving New York Mets: Lastings Milledge, Aaron Heilman, Victor Diaz.
Leaving Arizona: Troy Glaus, Javier Vazquez.

Boston Receives: Troy Glaus, Javier Vazquez, Victor Diaz.
New York Mets Receive: Manny Ramirez.
Arizona Receives: Lastings Milledge, Aaron Heilman, Bronson Arroyo.

I'm not a fan of the fantasy trades, I find the multi-player multi-team hypotheses to be utterly ridiculous, but I believe this could fit. Every team gives and gets pieces that are reasonable, and no one takes a bath on salary. Mmmm salary bath. Perhaps Arizona is not getting as much as they'd like, but they're giving up a lot of expense, and getting a hot-shot CF prospect and two cheap mlb arms. Boston gets some offense, some improved starting pitching, and a RF platooner who can hit. The Mets get Manny. If Boston then completed the rumored Wells for Duchsherer and Mirabelli for Loretta trades they would be almost ready to go. They could sign Damon and look around for an outfield bat (or stick with Diaz in left if necessary). It would present a lineup something like this:


Yes, I have Renteria hitting eighth. He and I don't get along so well. As for the people who throw the ball:

Beckett (who annointed Josh the #1 starter, by the way?)

Delcarmen/Hansen/Myers/Gonzalez/Dinardo etc

It's not a team I would kick out of bed. Also, I believe it to be around the salary level of '05. I'm sure there are problems with this, but I don't see them. Anyway, JohnW, if you're doing your usual Tuesday night check in, print this out and send it over to the boys. We call them boys because they're children. Now, day dreaming complete, let's hit some bullets.

- Everyone should remember that any deal Johnny Damon signs with Boston has an added value of at least 1 million annually from endorsements. His Dunkin' Donuts and Nike Shoe days would most certainly be over if he went to Detroit or Chicago. Obivously he would not be embraced in those places as he has been in beantown. What's the Detroit answer to Dunkin' Donuts? Dunkin' Bullets? Shootin' People? Not clear. The major financial swing vote that kept Troy Brown in New England this year (and out of New Orleans (youch)) was his endorsement money, and it might be the same for Damon. And yes, I used a double paranthesis back there.

- How good does that Mike Timlin for 3.5 million contract look right now? How exactly does Kyle Farnsworth, he of one good season, get double that? Because people love to spend money. The best thing Boston might do for their bullpen all off-season is not sign a single new reliever. Although the Ninth did sort of have his eye on Roberto Hernandez.

- Sounds like Grady Little is the next new manager in Los Angeles. People will make jokes, and very few of them will be funny (that's the hard thing about jokes), but the Ninth says good for him. He was a good manager who made one very bad decision, and he's certainly more qualified than several people in the game today. Awkward silence in room as everyone turns to look at Willie Randolph.

- The single best thing the Yankees could do is sign Johnny Damon. He's the perfect fit for them in the field and at the top of the order. Could it be that so many stupid moves have now scared them away from one legitimately smart one? Sweet.

- Alright, that's all out of the Ninth's system, and I can continue to not work. Gammons expected an extremely busy 24 hour period beginning tomorrow at 3 pm. So fire up those colortinis kids....